City Council

City Council

The Decatur Common Council is elected every four years along with the Mayor and Clerk-Treasurer. The Council is composed of four members, elected from the districts as established, and one at-large member. The members of Council serve for four years, and can run for re-election as often as they wish. At the beginning of each year, the Council elects one of its members to serve as President of the Council to preside whenever the Mayor is absent.

Responsibilities of the Council: The City of Decatur City Government is divided between the Mayor and the Common Council. The Common Council holds the City’s legislative authority and makes the laws through ordinances, orders, resolutions, and motions. The City Council also has final authority over the City’s property, finances, and appropriation of monies.

The Decatur City Council has regularly scheduled meetings on the First and Third Tuesday of the month immediately following the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting.  These meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall and are open to the public. There is time for open discussion at the end of the meeting or you may call City Hall to be put on the Agenda.

City Council Members

Jenny Bowers-Shultz

1st District, Democrat
214 W Jefferson St

Tyler Fullenkamp

2nd District, Democrat
15 Homestead

Abby Wilder

3rd District, Republican
Decatur, IN

Scott Murray

4th District, Republican
222 Marshall St.

Matthew J. Dyer

At-Large, Republican
1009 Lake Shores Drive